Time for Work

The alarm buzzes. The clock reads 5 a.m. Jerry Raguse gets up for a long day of work. He takes his time getting ready, pulls his blue Concordia College Facilities […]


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  • Make a positive change

    Lent started this Wednesday. As senior Leah Ryan kindly explained to me, “the whole purpose of Lent is to become closer to God and to contemplate Jesus.” A Catholic, Leah […]

  • The Student Activity Fee

    If you are a Concordia student earning at least one credit, you pay a student activity fee. This year and last year, the fee was $210. Concordia has approximately 2,800 […]

  • What is the cost to teach?

    During the second semester of every year, senior education majors are required to student teach for 10 weeks. This semester, Concordia will have 50 education majors learning to be teachers […]

  • Concordia On-Air February 17, 2010

    On this weeks show Meg gives us the results of the SGA election, Toni and Andrew show us how to make quick and delicious snacks, and in sports Andrew and Adam give us an update on the Olympics. Plus Emily tells us about the launching about the new virt…

  • Lights, camera, action!

    It is no secret around Concordia’s campus that junior Erik George is an involved student. Behind his shy smile is the modesty to prove he does not want undue attention. […]

  • Doing it her way

    Junior Natalie Barnes will be running for Miss Minnesota International in March, and in doing so she aims to dismantle the stereotypes and fallacies about pageants. Barnes currently has the […]

  • Concordia On-Air February 10, 2010

    In this weeks show we get a review of the Super Bowl in sports as well a look at how Cobbers celebrated the Super Bowl. In addition we have Valentine’s Day ideas from our Hosts, Andrew and Toni. One of the ideas is to see Eurydice, and we have an…

  • New station plunges into the Fargo-Moorhead radio scene

    Fargo-Moorhead radio listeners are getting a taste of something new on the airwaves as of Feb. 1, the launch date of Fargo-Moorhead’s newest radio station Dive95 (95.9 FM). Dive95 calls […]

  • On-campus worship service offers a Remedy

    A student-led worship service on campus called the Remedy has had over 120 people in attendance each week since the start of the new school year. The catch is, they […]