You pierced what?

I have a total of four piercings. That means four extra holes in my head that, according to my mother, “just should not be there.” But I love my piercings – even if some people think I am not hardcore enough, too hardcore, or somewhere in between. They all have stories.

The first is a rook. I got it when I was 17 years old in Greenwich Village with my senior class. It was my first venture into the pierced unknown and, even though it probably was done in the sketchest of places and did not heal until this year, it is one of my favorites.

The second is my snug, which is basically the cutest name ever for a piercing. Anyway. I got this piercing with a couple of great friends up here in Moorhead. It was a christening of the “new year” if you will. We drove, got pierced, and ate ice cream, all as an exciting bonding experience.

So let us examine piercings, what we feel about where they should be and what your piercings say about you.

Nose piercing: A nose piercing says that you can sniff things out. You have a curious personality with a knack for getting to the bottom of any situation. You have a need to determine if people are being sincere or not.

Lip piercing: A lip piercing says that you like to talk. I mean why else would you draw attention to your mouth. You have poignant thoughts with well thought out arguments. You want your opinions heard and you do not understand those who have nothing to say.

Eyebrow piercing: “The zoolander” as I like to call it says that you like to see the whole picture. Details are nice, but dwelling on utter perfection are not in your repertoire of skills. You enjoy the finer things in life. Art is not lost on you. I would not be surprised if you can draw really awesome stick figures, or circles.

Navel piercing: The first piercing for most 16-year-old girls after their lobes. A navel piercings says that you are a detail person and like to find hidden meaning. A navel piercing hides just below the surface of your clothing, and your personality is very much just below the surface. A quiet façade hides a caring and deep soul.

Ear piercings: This is for you with only ear piercings. I am including many different piercings in this category, but I just want to get one thing out of the way. Ear piercings are NOT Plain Jane piercings. They are awesome. Ear piercings say that you appreciate the classics in life. Like classic TOMS, bubble gum, and Coca Cola. You do not see the appeal in glitter or feathers. You like honesty and old cars.

So the next time you get pierced, choose wisely. Make sure that the placement of your bling is showing the world your true personality.



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