Concordia Grads Produce Fresh Designs

Photo by Rachel Torgerson. 2010 Concordia graduates Brandon Huether and Anna Hagen show off some of the t-shirts they have helped design due to their work with Old Lutheran, a company in Moorhead that creates unique products that help customers express their Lutheran identity.

Brandon Huether and Anna Hagen, the masterminds behind this year’s homecoming t-shirt designs and many other graphic designs on campus, are 2010 Concordia graduates still at work behind the scenes at Concordia.

Huether and Hagen both graduated with degrees in graphic design and are working at Old Lutheran in Moorhead, a company dedicated to creating unique products and services that help customers express their Lutheran identity. Huether and Hagen are in charge of graphic projects and advertising.

“I talk to clients and do the designing and work hand in hand,” Huether said. “Basically, I communicate through images.”

As dedicated Concordia alumni, Huether and Hagen admit that they especially enjoy working with Concordia students and organizations.

“We’ve been super involved with Concordia,” Huether said. “We are super passionate about doing this. It is easy to design for Concordia because we’ve been there.”

Huether and Hagen’s close location and mission to serve the Lutheran community make their ties with Concordia even stronger.

Hagen said she still enjoys being on campus every once and a while to visit and see how their designs are being used. This year, she visited during homecoming week.

“Homecoming is fun because it is the biggest and people-watching during the week,” Hagen said.

Huether was pleased with how the homecoming committee t-shirts came out.

“I designed it to show old-school with a good color-scheme, he said. “It makes you proud.”

The homecoming committee t-shirts were not their only hit around campus; Old Lutheran also designed the bonfire shirts, which sold out so quickly they needed to reprint the design.

Other projects that Old Lutheran has done with Concordia include Family Weekend, Cross Country, Cornstock and many student organizations that need club shirts, signs or even posters. Old Lutheran is now headed by David Hunstad, who was formerly in charge of Sunday Night at East. He not only has experience with Concordia but also with other Lutheran events such as the ELCA youth gatherings.

Another recent product, which can be purchased in the Cobber Bookstore, is biking shirts.

“We had never designed that type of shirt before,” Huether said.

The bike shirt idea had been suggested by a Concordia alum. Though Concordia does not currently have a biking club, biking enthusiasts can now represent Concordia on the road and in biking races.

Huether and Hagen continue to enjoy working closely with Concordia. Hagen, who has been working at Old Lutheran since her junior year, said that life after graduation is different.

“It changes mainly because it is a whole new schedule. [I] meet new people everyday, and [I am] always still learning,” she said. “Pressures are different; [there are] deadlines, not tests.”

Because she and Huether are both in the creative field, both had to learn how to freelance and work each day using their imaginations and inspirations to create new designs.

“Once you get your diploma, it is like you get your ticket to any ride on an amusement park you want,” Huether said. “Your life path is yours.”

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