Open house for MSUM planetarium

This article was written by Lexi Robinson, a PULSE contributor. Looking up, there is a large revolving globe. The Minnesota State University of Moorhead planetarium offers an open house which […]


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    President William Craft’s inauguration has been scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2012, as part of the Concordia’s Founders Day celebration one week before graduation. “Inaugurations are a milestone for a […]

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    With a dissatisfied party base and plenty of fired-up Republican opposition, a few months ago, it looked as if anyone could beat President Barack Obama. Democrats lamented repeated concessions that […]

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    This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mark Besonen, a Sophomore at Concordia College. It’s that time of year again. Snow is on the horizon, people are beginning to […]

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    The month of November holds many things for many people. It can be the 11th month of the year, Guy Fawkes’ month, Dia de los Muertos, Alzheimer’s disease month, COPD […]

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    Need help identifying work options at home and abroad? The Concordia College Career Center is proud to announce access to “Going Global,” a leading provider of career and employment resources […]

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    This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Victoria Richmond, a Sophomore at Concordia College.      I heard the word “retard” again the other day. I’ve heard it lots […]

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    This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Joshua Hermerding, a senior at Concordia College. A small commentary now that registration anxiety has come and gone.  I nonchalantly navigated various […]