New Assessment Methods

Each year, incoming freshmen take one of several exams to assess different aspects of their experiences coming into college. For upperclassmen, these assessments took place during freshmen orientation. However, this […]


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  • Cobbers Provide Flood Relief

    Cobbers Provide Flood Relief

    From a distance, it might have been mistaken for a wall of mud. But step closer and hear the hum of the sump pump hose, see the dismal brown yard […]

  • Bobby’s Sports Banter

    Bobby’s Sports Banter

    This Halloween season, there were many things haunting Minnesota Vikings football fans: a dreadful 2-6 record; the possibility of not getting a new stadium and moving away lingering overhead like […]

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    Out With The Old, In With The New

    This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Kelsay Peterson, Dining Services Nutrition Assistant at Concordia College. In June 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack unveiled […]

  • Big Fifteen Conquer Chicken Challenge

    Big Fifteen Conquer Chicken Challenge

    Their outing to the Moorhead Buffalo Wild Wings was not spur of the moment. When fifteen cobber men from the Concordia Band arrived at the popular sports restaurant on October […]

  • Herman Cain’s Sudden Rise to the Top

    I’m shocked.  I woke up one day and saw that the man famous for being a former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and repeatedly saying “nine-nine-nine” has made it to the […]

  • The Friend Draft

    “Katelyn, how do you know everyone?” “Katelyn it takes you an hour to do anything.” “Katelyn, seriously, you talk to everyone.” These things are all true. Freshman year I lived […]

  • The Things Worth Learning

    I like to say I’ve learned a lot in my time at Concordia. I truly have, though I suspect I’ve forgotten a lot as well. I can’t say for certain […]

  • The Advantages of Civil Conversation

    This week, Concordia had the privelege of hosting two well-known political minds, Mary Matelin and James Carville, for an evening of debate and discussion. Of course, any “political awareness” event […]

  • Why Recycling Matters

    Like many of you, I went home for fall break. After getting everything wrapped up on campus, I loaded my car and made the 400-mile journey south to Nebraska. While […]