Six-word memoirs

In our November 11th issue, The Concordian asked the Concordian community to submit their own six-word memoirs in response to the story, Students write life stories in six words or […]


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  • Vegetarian options at Concordia

    This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Hannah Tower, Dining Services Nutrition Assistant at Concordia College. There are currently over 7 million people in the United States who follow […]

  • Be on time

    This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Lisa Bertrand, a Junior at Concordia College. Tardiness is something we all can relate to, but it is almost always unacceptable.  Late […]

  • BREW Week

    This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Joe Marion, BREW Week Co-founder at Concordia College. BREW Week 2011 has come and passed, and it has left many of us […]

  • To the cloud

    Ask any of the dancing hipsters in Apple’s newest ads, and they’ll tell you: tablets are cool. Ask them why and they might explain that tablets are super portable (though […]

  • Remembering Thanksgiving

    By the time this column is printed, Thanksgiving will have come and gone. I hope yours was full of holiday cheer, time spent with family and friends and much needed […]

  • Cold Cobbers

    Cobbers, Cobbers, Cobbers: I have to say that we up in da nort’ here sure know what weather is. We have been voted some of the worst weather in the […]

  • The value of Twitter

    I’ve had a Twitter account since my junior year of high school. As a proud early adopter, I spent a solid year tweeting mostly to myself, posting links to news […]

  • Remembering rights

    On Tuesday Iceland announced that it voted to recognize Palestine as an independent state, making it the first Western European country to do so. If you follow international politics at […]