In our first show of the semester, Suzanne and Renee tell us the latest flood story.  Toni tells us about the rising temperatures in weather. Yaw and Katie tell us which Cobber reached the 100 point milestone and In A & E we find out who is bringi…

As you have surely heard by now, on Saturday morning, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) was shot in the head at a meeting with her constituents outside Tuscon. In addition to the congresswoman’s injuries, six others were shot and killed, ranging from a federal judge to a nine-year-old girl. A dozenContinue Reading

This semester, consider giving your Concordia education a practical application through sustained service in the Fargo-Moorhead community. There are many organizations and entities in the area that could use the help of college students like us. You may already have a lot on your plate, but volunteering a couple hoursContinue Reading

Last year was a great year for tech. We got the iPad, a slew of new Android phones, Microsoft Kinect, and the first-ever availability of 3D technology to the general public. But soon all of that will be forgotten as new devices and technologies find their way into our hands.Continue Reading

Former Dean of Students Raymond Ou formally informed the campus of his resignation in a mass e-mail to the Concordia community on Dec. 14, and on Dec. 20, Bruce Vieweg was named the Interim Dean of Students. Ou gave his resignation notice to Provost Mark Krejci shortly before the campusContinue Reading

Second semester is both exciting and stressful for all college students. We are just getting back from Christmas break where we spent money on gifts for family and friends and now have to purchase textbooks, all while awaiting the second semester tuition statement. As we move through our college years,Continue Reading

This is the time of year when you head to Olson for an afternoon run on the treadmill and find every single exercise machine taken. When the salad line at Dining Services is longer than the burger line. When your favorite television show is broken up by commercials all advertisingContinue Reading