Go East, young man!

So, my dearest Cobber children, I feel like on this day there is something that must be said. I live in East complex. I know, I know, there’s a certain […]


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  • Just one more step

    It’s not an altogether uncommon occurance, but something about it stopped me in a new way the other day: I saw somebody throw a plastic bottle in the trash because […]

  • Lessons on the road of life

    Can you feel it– the change in the air, the upbeat conversations across campus, the sudden shift toward optimism? Yes my friends, it’s almost that time again: spring break. Although […]

  • Photo by Rachel Torgerson. Cars fill the street parking near campus during the business day. The city of Moorhead hired a survey team to study parking congestion around Concordia College, Minnesota State University Moorhead, and Eventide.

    City examines area parking

    When sophomore Sara Rimmereid left to go to her clinicals at 8 a.m. last semester, the Fjelstad parking lot had plenty of open spaces. However, when she returned at 10 […]

  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

    SGA campaign platforms promise change

    The campus voted for Student Government Association leadership Tuesday night. The new administration will take over April 5, and they will be responsible to stay true to their campaign promises. […]

  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

    Teaching responsible investing?

    This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Shane Sessions, a senior at Concordia College. In Response to: “Business School to Start New Club,” in last week’s issue of The […]

  • V-Day musts

    Here are some things people definitely SHOULD do on Valentine’s Day. But don’t. Don’t ask me why. Obviously, the first is paintballing. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a […]

  • Pet giraffes and parties

    Two weeks ago the African Students Union hosted an event entitled “Battling the Single Story.”  I had the privilege to attend, and I gained some outstanding insights into how people […]

  • Photo from GoCobberBlog.com. Sophomore Breann Julius scored two goals against Gustavus, helping the Cobbers tie 3-3 in overtime.

    Cobber women skate to victory

    The Cobber Women’s hockey team is having one of the best seasons in program history, and they look to continue that success going forward. Occasionally, numbers and statistics don’t make […]

  • MelanBrawly Baby rolls into derby

    MelanBrawly Baby rolls into derby

    “Empowering. Sweaty. Challenging. Kick-ass-fun.” This is how junior Haleigh White describes her newfound passion: Roller derby. According to White, roller derby is a contact sport played on roller skates on […]