Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

ISO Festival brings cultures together

This year’s annual International Student Organization Festival was held on Saturday, Feb. 11 in the Knutson Campus Center. Outside the Centrum, a World Expo was set up; booths from around […]


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  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom

    Unknown man breaks into off-campus residence

    Three off-campus students experienced their worst nightmare when an intoxicated man wandered into their home early Feb. 9. Senior Rachel Brock woke up when the light in her bedroom turned […]

  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

    The need for a yearbook

    This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Daniel Woodwick ’88, an alum of Concordia College. I suppose some could call me a “Concordia crusader.” They might be right. It […]

  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

    Providing space for the abused

    This article was submitted by Caleb Giesen, a student at Concordia College. Squalls of muffled dogs’ howls ring out from back rooms and the underlying scent of Purina permeates the […]

  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

    Placing the blame

    Earlier this week, the local news affiliate WDAY covered a home invasion that occured in the house of five students who live near campus. The news report began thus: “A […]

  • Graphic by Theatre B.

    Frozen and thawed

    “Frozen” is showing at Theatre B. Fitting, isn’t it—the title? Fargo can seem like a frozen tundra at times, a desolate, isolated landscape that is not only physically cold, but […]

  • Photo by Paul Flessland. Pamela Mork, an associate professor of chemistry at Concordia, teaches a forensics class for F/M Communiversity.

    F/M Communiversity events promote lifelong learning

    This winter and spring the Concordia sponsored program F/M Communiversity plans to offer 29 college-like classes without homework or tests to community members. People of all ages and backgrounds can […]

  • Beat the DS rush

    Let’s face it: we’re all busy. Countless research studies have shown that today’s students are more involved than ever. While the amount of classes and extracurricular activities have increased, the […]

  • Action, romance, comedy: Cyrano has it all

    Action, romance, comedy: Cyrano has it all

    With three main stage acts to her name, senior Vanessa Liming finds her fourth and final stage show both exciting and challenging. Not only does she play Roxane, the female […]

  • Can SGA candidates really deliver?

    The Student Government Association elections are next week. Since Monday, when campaigning officially commenced, students have been bombarded with Facebook page “like” requests, campus mail flyers (that will very quickly […]