Dear Concordia, my alma mater, what has happened to your faithfulness? Are you worshipping inclusiveness and togetherness above all else? Where is that written? Your glorious Christmas Concert, “All Are Welcome,” sang praises to that agenda, loudly and clearly, as if those of us who want faithfulness to God’s word are unwelcoming.

Really?  Where is the intellectual honesty in that innuendo? Does anyone else see the idolatry of such emphasis on one-mindedness? We are not all of one mind! But, our Creator, who made us all unique, wants us all as one in Christ. How about singing praise, as we used to, to the Word made flesh and sent from God to all of us (read togetherness) sinners, that we may believe in Him and live in His way in repentance, forgiveness and love? To the true joy then of knowing that through Him we, and all who believe in Him, have eternal life? That is not “religious totalitarianism,” it’s what we are to proclaim as Christians and that message is for all nations. There’s your inclusivity. Proclaim that and keep your Christian principles. I know that is just intellectually too simple for the vanity of those who like to see themselves as “seekers”, but really, it isn’t all that complicated, though it is profound and true according to the Scriptures.

But if Concordia no longer stands for Soli Deo Gloria and students now are “blown here and there by every word of teaching…” (Eph.4:14) and are, “…taken captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ,” (Col.2:8 ) then in my humble opinion, you’re leading students astray, betraying the principles on which the school was founded and losing your way. I suggest you allow a club there for those who stand for Christ alone.

Call it the Soli Deo Gloria Club. Three generations of my family have graduated from Concordia. I regret to say there will not be a fourth.

This letter to the editor was submitted by Judy Gorman, a 1965 graduate of Concordia College.


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