The Cobber way

Ok people. Now it may seem like I have everything together and that I am really, really ridiculously good-looking and never have problems, but I would love to have some real talk with you.

Unfortunately, stunning good looks and a charming personality make it really easy for the world to think that someone’s life is easy. I mean, everyone has hardships: families are rough, school is hard and we tend to be our own worst critics. Yet, instead of acting like people struggling, everyone glosses over it and, in turn, makes everyone else feel like crap. I just get genuinely confused about the “Cobber way.” Do we want to welcome those who overcome adversity, or do we want cookie-cutter students who are perfect inside and outside of class?

People are always saying, “Oh, I just need another cup of coffee. Haha!” or, “I’m just tired,” or my favorite, “I’m fine.” We sit around Concordia within this small community and pat each other on the back instead of grappling with our issues.

In reality, yes, Concordia is a good school—we work hard, we play hard and we graduate. However, I think I have heard, more than once, students passing judgment on those that are not doing well in classes, so let me dispel the myth for you.

I am admittedly not a good student. I struggle to focus on nearly everything, and I have to force myself to study things I actually love. I let my doubts get in the way of me actually doing well. When I mention that to other students, people tell me that I should feel bad or make off handed remarks that aren’t directly rude but are sarcastic enough to irritate me.

I can say I have been really lucky to have had professors who understood my absences and some of my late assignments and so on. Students who feel the incessant need to say, “Hey where have you been? I mean, I actually do our coursework,” can go crawl in a hole. I don’t have time to please you. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Personally, I think we should work for ourselves, not to attain some sort of peer status of being “the best ever.”

Outside of class, Cobbers are an odd breed as well. We have a dry campus, which leads to the constant joke of being “good Cobbers,” but, in reality, I know where a majority of you were last weekend and where you will be next weekend. Working late at the desk, I’ve had to call the police four times in a row.

Also, we have inter-visitation restrictions (of which, I know, other schools have variations of), but nearly everyone can get around it if they’re quiet enough, making the policy a joke.

Every single year, we have our illegal Cornstock shirts, which I think are hilarious every time— heaven forbid I wear them! What am I, an alcoholic? I understand having a professional life and being aware of what your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify look like, but at some point ,we have to accept the stupidity of being in college.

This time was made for us to be stupid—haven’t you seen “Animal House”? We should be more focused on getting a cow in the president’s office and having fun than how our floormate looks after a party.


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