Students surveyed study abroad opportunities at the Global Learning Expo Sept. 17th. Photo by Chase Body.

Global Education pushes exploration seminars

Students exploring study abroad opportunities gathered Sept. 17 at the Global Learning Expo to examine their options. These students now have an additional seven programs to choose from, which were […]


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  • Coffee shop etiquette

    Coffee shop etiquette

  • Students enjoy unique athletic clubs

    Students enjoy unique athletic clubs

    Every Sunday evening Olson Forum converts into a quidditch pitch. Yes, you heard that right; the game of quidditch is played on Concordia grounds. Despite not having flying brooms at […]

  • Scarf Boy meets White Horse.

    Scarf Boy meets White Horse

    Scarf Boy had found home at Concordia, that much was sure. People cared about him and his well-being and made that apparent from the minute they started interacting with him. […]

  • Game-ready field takes work

    Game-ready field takes work

    Building Services works to make Concordia athletic facilities ready for game day Fans arrive at the entrance of Jake Christiansen Stadium decked out in maroon and gold. The stands are […]

  • Editorial: Dealing with media bias

    Editorial: Dealing with media bias

    Last week during layout, The Concordian staff discussed an argument between one of the editors and another student about the criticisms of modern day media. This brought up some of […]

  • Credo honors program undergoes changes

    Credo honors program undergoes changes

    Credo, Concordia’s honors program, will launch its new research-intensive courses this spring. The program’s new focus brings multiple changes, including the replacement of the old team-taught classes. Low numbers of […]

  • On being “crazy”

    On being “crazy”

    Oppression doesn’t stop at race and gender Many cobbers here know that I am in fact a crazy person. I use this term lightly and in a way to reclaim […]

  • Congregation Exploration reintroduced by CMC

    Congregation Exploration reintroduced by CMC

    Campus Ministry Commission, or CMC, is reintroducing Congregation Exploration this semester. This service helps students find home churches in the Fargo-Moorhead area. CMC Co-Commissioner Erica Jossund said it is important […]

  • A group of LDS members help build playhouses for Habitat for Humanity's Playhouse Project. Submitted photo.

    LDS: a service-focused sorority

    Concordia’s sole Greek society differs from typical sororities A couple weeks into the school year, freshman Tori Benders had completed orientation, started classes, but still hadn’t found her Concordia niche. […]