Why BREWing means more than just studying abroad As individuals we can make a difference. Our daily decisions and actions mold our thinking and responses to situations and scenarios. Passions and interests drive us to become actively engaged, while our classes and involvement help us strive to influence the affairsContinue Reading

A panel of faculty members at the “Chasing Ice” viewing urged students to take action on campus. Students and faculty members gathered in the Centrum Oct. 3 for a viewing of “Chasing Ice,” a documentary about the effects of climate change. After the viewing, a panel of faculty members fromContinue Reading

Sophomores have an opportunity this spring to go on a retreat that will address such topics as vocation, career and leadership. The retreat will take place in the heavily forested Salolampi, Concordia’s Finnish Language Village in Bemidji, Minn. Associate Dean Dr. Lisa Sethre-Hofstad and Director of Student Leadership and ServicesContinue Reading

A class of 20 students gathered at the King Intercultural center Oct. 1 to have a discussion about genocide with the author of “Nowhere: A Story of Exile.” “People don’t think these things happen now, but they do because the world is paying attention to something else,” said author AnnaContinue Reading

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Sometimes, political gambits can propel savvy officials to the forefront of the party hierarchy.  Other times, power moves leave parties divided and the politician himself looking foolish.  The charismatic right wing politician who tried to throw a monkey wrench in the legislative process of his government last week has beenContinue Reading

The Concordian Politics Blog

When people speak of libertarianism, the words ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ are usually used to describe the party’s philosophy on politics and life in general.  Freedom of choice is a cornerstone of the libertarian philosophy, and is triumphed in many ways by the party: lassiez faire economics triumphs economic freedom, hands-offContinue Reading