It’s October now and that means it’s the beginning of the theater season!   So, as you should all be aware, this Tuesday was opening night for the cast and crew of The Importance of Being Earnest, which is one of four plays written by Oscar Wilde, who is also aContinue Reading

Newly elected freshman class representatives Josh Mackner and Sara Juntunen and newly elected sophomore class representative Alex Gray are excited about the opportunities they will have to serve their classes this year. “I’ve been looking forward to running all summer,” Gray said. Class representatives are required to serve on eitherContinue Reading

The new Concordia Facebook phenomenon, Cobber Mingle, allows students to make anonymous posts about their romantic — and apparently even sexual — interests, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. From adorable little posts about some nameless cutie seen around campus to revealing sexual stories and downright forward propositions, it is definitely theContinue Reading

Improv has arrived at Concordia. Students of all majors can now join an on-campus, student-led improv group. Junior theatre major Anna Larranaga, founder of the group, led their first meeting last Tuesday. “Concordia didn’t have an improv group,” Larranaga said. “It was odd because it seems like a stereotypical collegeContinue Reading