Fighting contraceptive freedoms

Fighting contraceptive freedoms

Last Thursday, former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stated: “If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without […]


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  • #SherlockLives!


    Warning: this review contains spoilers!  Go watch Sherlock season three before proceeding. For the first time in two years, fans of the BBC drama series Sherlock have had reason to […]

  • Making history: Lessons from MLK

    Making history: Lessons from MLK

    How we have the chance to make our own history everyday, and why we could still try harder The year is 1957. Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up” is the number […]

  • Meet the 2014 Mr. Concordia contestants

    Meet the 2014 Mr. Concordia contestants

    And the winner is…a Q&A with the 2014 Mr. Concordia contestants Name: Justin Marquette Class: Sophomore Major/Minor: Religion major, Psychology minor Why did you apply for Mr. Concordia? We were […]

  • Updates continue at Concordia EcoHouse

    Updates continue at Concordia EcoHouse

    Residents of the EcoHouse have been making some updates lately. Kristina Kaupa, Julia Kuebelbeck, Emily Donovan and Sara Conley, all seniors, live in Concordia’s EcoHouse this year. They have been […]

  • Wrestling their way to the top

    Wrestling their way to the top

    Cobbers’ hard work is paying off as they make strides in nat’l rankings Concordia’s wrestling team came out strong from winter break placing second in the NWCA National Duals meet. […]

  • Concordia students have many reasons for wanting to stay healthy this new year. They have found a variety of ways to stay active as well as motivated. Photo by Chase Body.

    Cobbers resolve to be healthy

    Whether its aiming to lose a couple of pounds, stay at a current weight, try something new such as a 10K or just remain healthy, many Concordia students have reevaluated […]

  • What your personality says about you

    What your personality says about you

    What your personality says about your strengths, weaknesses and talents The ongoing debate between introversion and extroversion seems to be lingering on everyones minds. Campus events, classroom dialogue and social […]

  • Living a gluten-free lifestyle

    Living a gluten-free lifestyle

    Students share their struggle with gluten For many students on campus, a world of discomfort lurks around every gluten-containing corner. Junior Jadi Prante and senior Colin Sullivan are part of […]

  • Members of The Improvised Shakespeare Company perform "Canada's Maple Syrup Day", an idea suggested by an audience member. The group travels to various colleges, universities and performance venues to showcase their talent for Elizabethan comedy. Photo by Chase Body.

    Actors take new approach to Shakespeare

    Group gives show and leads workshops on improvisation   Imagine a troupe of five actors performing a completely original Shakespearean play without ever having rehearsed it beforehand. Sounds impossible, right? […]