Red Raven

Red Raven

One century ago and not far away, Fargo built its second fire station at 916 Main Avenue. Since its decommissioning, the firehouse has played host to a variety of establishments […]


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  • The Vox of the people

    The Vox of the people

    In large measure, people don’t like reading real, deeply important news. It’s difficult, it takes time away from other more easily enjoyable activities, and it often makes people feel stupid. […]

  • achvng yr drms

    achvng yr drms

    On my birthday in 2010, a hot air balloon landed in my grandparent’s field on their farm and after being rudely awakened, being forced to dress quickly, and racing across […]

  • The Age of Stupid

    The Age of Stupid

    This spring break I travelled on the High Impact Leadership Trip (HILT) to the Everglades in Florida. We learned about water issues concerning the state and climate change that concerns […]