Freshman inquiry seminars

Freshman inquiry seminars

Why do they exist? The inquiry seminars are a staple to freshmen year at Concordia. Though they vary in content, they focus on one criteria in general: to inspire a […]


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  • Race at Concordia

    Race at Concordia

    Carus Lecture on racism could spark conversation Concoridia’s 2014 Carus lecture titled “Liberalizing Illiberal Liberalism” might stir up more than a crowd – at least, the Philosophy Department hopes so. […]

  • An open letter to NASA

    An open letter to NASA

    Let’s start shooting stuff into space again Dear NASA, As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, America is no longer the coolest country in the world. Last week, India successfully […]

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    Soccer players find their identity

    Strategic planning and teamwork enables Concordia’s men’s soccer team to make a positive turnaround during the current season Team identity is a hard characteristic to achieve. The Concordia’s men’s soccer […]