Concordia encourages vaccination

Concordia encourages vaccination

Paying a fee to get pricked by a needle might not be on the top of many people’s lists of things to do, but maybe it should be. With the […]


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  • Letter to the Editor: Gillian Miller

    Letter to the Editor: Gillian Miller

    Defending the Seemingly Meaningless: A Response To “Culture Clash or Expensive Field Trip” I studied in Ireland, and greatly value that experience. It’s hard to measure or define what one […]

  • Second annual Concordia drag show

    Second annual Concordia drag show

    Sexuality and Gender Alliance Co-Presidents Kyle Benjamin and Zach Hruby hope to provide a platform for open minds and new ways of thinking regarding gender norms at the second annual […]

  • Cornstock 2015

    Cornstock 2015

    What does it take? Two years ago, a large crowd of students gathered in the atrium awaiting an announcement. Campus Entertainment Commission members stood above the students and unfurled a […]

  • Dance the night away

    Dance the night away

    Every Friday night students from Concordia, MSUM and NDSU get together for a night filled with dance. Last year, the the tri-colleges partnered up last year and launched a swing […]

  • Reclaiming their glory

    Reclaiming their glory

    Without a win for two straight years, Concordia’s women’s tennis team won their first match of the season For the first time in two years, the women’s tennis team won […]

  • Changes in music education curriculum

    Changes in music education curriculum

    Music education majors will experience a curriculum change next year when the Choral Literature course will change into Teaching Choral Music. Dr. Julie Hagen, assistant professor and coordinator of Music […]

  • The Normandy

    The Normandy

    From dining center to science labs Snackbar, coffeehouse, bookstore, post office. Normandy, the space above the Cobber bookstore, has served an array of purposes over the years. This year, it […]

  • Foxcatcher


    Niche acting is a mixed blessing: an actor stuck into a niche role has usually perfected their craft, but is left without much opportunity for change or growth. When an […]

  • Greg Carlson sheds light on the filmmaking process

    Greg Carlson sheds light on the filmmaking process

    Professor of communication studies and theater art, Greg Carlson shows his students a glimpse of what majoring in film can do for them in the future. After several years of […]