Kremer during her daily practice session in Hvidsten. Photo by Maddie Malat.

Kremer wins senior soloist competition

Her mother is a parish liturgist, conducts children’s and adult’s church choirs, and brought her straight to the church when she was born; there, the choir sang to her, their […]


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  • Trigger warnings are a modern writer’s duty

    Trigger warnings are a modern writer’s duty

    As the token outspoken feminist in many of the classes and groups I’ve been a part of, I’ve been asked about trigger warnings a lot. A “Trigger Warning,” for those […]

  • Frida Nelson Lounge in Fjelstad hall serves as a makeshift classroom for science classes. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Fjelstad houses new offices, classrooms

    The remodeling of Ivers-Jones has forced science, mathematics and nursing professors to relocate to Fjelstad, and their classes are now spread across campus. “The majority of the mathematics classes are […]

  • The students in Jazz Ensemble I who are willing to pay the fees. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    New music fees, no class credit

    Music Faculty and students react to changes in ensembles Concordia, a school in which one-third of the student body is involved in musical activities, has increased private lesson fees and […]

  • Junior captain, Brandon Quibell. Submitted.

    Fresh faces benefit cross-country team

    Only two meets into the season, three new faces from three different backgrounds have already made their mark on the men’s cross-country team. Freshman Luke Lillehaugen has placed fourth amongst […]

  • Systems thinking can help us go green

    Systems thinking can help us go green

    One way to approach environmental activism is by utilizing systems thinking. Systems thinking is “the art and science of making reliable inferences about behavior by developing an increasingly deep understanding […]

  • Collins delves into the books of her new major, heritage and museum studies. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    ‘It fits perfectly into what I want to do’

    New majors and minors added to the course catalog This year, Concordia has added one new major, one new minor and two new concentrations to the mix. The new major […]

  • Meet the section editors

    Meet the section editors

    Scroll through the slideshow to read facts and tidbits about this year’s section editors.        

  • Symposium boasts record student involvement

    Symposium boasts record student involvement

    Students across a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds worked together to offer diversity and depth to the 2015 Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium, “China Rising: A New Global […]

  • Humans of Concordia

    Humans of Concordia

    “There is no doubt in my mind that we are not the only intelligent life inhabiting the vastness of space. Aliens have to be real and they might be more […]