Ryan Modahl
Mr. Theater
Photo by Maddie Malat

Congratulations, Mr. Concordia

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  • Develop with the future in mind

    Develop with the future in mind

    Nothing (or very little) makes sense about sustainable development except in light of social community and conservation psychology. The International Institute for Sustainable Development defines sustainable development as “development that […]

  • Forward Jon Grebowsky gained experience playing in Lincoln Neb., Corpus Christi, Texas and Aberdeen, S.D. before coming to Concordia last year. Photo courtesy of the Concordia Sports Information Office.

    Men’s hockey players gain experience before Concordia

    For most young adults, turning 18 signifies graduating from high school and making the decision to either join the workforce or pursue higher education. However for an 18-year-old hockey player, […]

  • Handshake brings Cobbers closer to careers

    Handshake brings Cobbers closer to careers

    Though many Cobbers imagine vast distances between themselves and their futures, Handshake, Concordia’s replacement for Career Link, hopes to bring them within arm’s reach of careers. Since the Jan. 4 launch […]

  • The “Perfect Arrangement”

    The “Perfect Arrangement”

    Cobbers create retro-sounding sounding commercials for upcoming play The radio crackles to life. Saxophones squeal the first lines of a jingle. Then horns follow as an accent. Finally, a bright, […]

  • Concordia’s first TED event confirmed, planning continues

    Concordia’s first TED event confirmed, planning continues

    Concordia’s first independently organized TEDxConcordiaCollege event will take place April 7 and will challenge students to think about the familiar in unfamiliar ways with the theme PIVOT. Justin Odney, the […]

  • Senior Gabe Wright throws discus during a practice. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Gabriel Wright: Part-time student, full-time athlete

    Seven semesters down, one more to go. The finish line, graduation, is in sight. A degree is right around the corner but as you continue down the last semester before […]

  • Breastfeeding in public

    Breastfeeding in public

    My mom had my little sister, Tess, when I was nine years old and that’s when I started hearing the debate about whether or not women should be allowed to […]

  • Breaking the silence

    Breaking the silence

    Reporting sexual assault on Concordia’s campus If you were to find your car missing from the parking lot one morning, would you report it stolen? If you were the victim […]

  • A graphic of Dean Eric Eliason’s office features student Elliot Gielen’s print surrounded by photographs of Concordia campus. This is one of many graphics of how Corinne Burrel, Jenna Collins and their group plans to curate Eliason’s office. Photo submitted by Corinne Burrell.

    On firm foundation grounded

    Museum studies students curate the Dean’s office honoring Concordia’s past and future A student walks into the office and sits down. They look around the room and see a vibrant […]