A complicated issue

A complicated issue

Identifying angst about refugee resettlement Walking into LSS these days isn’t as simple as stepping into the lobby, strolling down the hall and knocking on doors. Resembling the visitation process […]


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  • Natural born citizens: Not-so-natural test scores

    Natural born citizens: Not-so-natural test scores

    Each month in Fargo-Moorhead and around the country, New Americans gather at naturalization ceremonies to be sworn in as new citizens of the United States. The process of becoming a citizen takes a […]

  • Inspecting the vegetables. Photo by Paige Olsen.

    Community Gardens

    Growing more than veggies It’s early February, the ground is covered in sticky-wet snow and the streets are sloppy from a week of 40-degree temperatures. This weather is unseasonably warm […]

  • Chris WIger is a junior at Concordia this year. After getting into shooting archery at a young age he worked to compete at the professional level.  Submitted.

    Student archer, Chris Wiger competes against the pros

    It takes a very steady hand to succeed at Milton Bradley’s Operation board game. It takes an even more steady hand to be an actual surgeon, and only the steadiest […]

  • On the greatest country in the world

    On the greatest country in the world

    Patriotism, nationalism, loyalty, allegiance: all words with positive connotations. To support one’s country is to be a good citizen, and to do otherwise is to be unthankful and petulant. Americans […]

  • Concordia professors each have their own policies on cell phone use in class. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    A new balancing act

    Cell phone usage in Concordia classrooms In one classroom, a student is told to put her phone away and pay attention. Next door, students use their cell phones to take […]

  • A bulletin board demonstrates a handful of students that have graduated from the Skills Development Project. Photo by Aubrie Odegaard.

    Job training creates stronger workforce

    The website of Cardinal Glass Industries states their mission is to provide the highest quality glass products for residential windows. With over 6,000 employees nationwide, they are able to create […]

  • Hasta Basnet at Lutheran Social Services in Fargo. Photo by Abrie Odegaard.

    Building Trusting Relationships

    LSS helps refugees secure jobs Kawa Hawari goes to work every day and meets with people from all over the world. He listens to these peoples’ stories about their families, […]

  • Cathy provides students with feedback during a feature writing class. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Cathy McMullen, hands-on journalism professor, retires

    After 21 years of teaching journalism at Concordia, Catherine McMullen won’t be moving very far away.  Her new office in Academy will keeps its doors open as she continues to […]

  • To BREW amid climate change

    To BREW amid climate change

    Happy end of the school year, Cobbers! Most of the articles I have written this year have tried to tackle the question of what good action towards becoming a sustainable […]