Concordia turns 125

Concordia turns 125

College prepares for quasquicentennial Oct. 31, 2016 marks the 125th anniversary of Concordia College and there are many events planned to take place throughout the year to celebrate this milestone […]


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  • Concordia College is not special

    Concordia College is not special

    “Ugh, my class is being taught by an adjunct from MSUM,” “Damn, I have so much homework. Life of a Cobber!” and just straight up, “MSUM and NDSU kids are […]

  • The 2015- 2016 softball team during spring season. Courtesy of the Concordia Sports Information Office

    Softball team prepares for spring season with fall ball

    Pre-season is a time for teams to gather and prepare for their upcoming season as a team. For the spring softball pre-season it is more than just a couple workouts […]

  • America and the Middle West

    America and the Middle West

    After another successful Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium, the planning committee announced today that next year’s event will focus on America and the Middle West. Sonja Wentling, Symposium planning […]

  • Maddie Malat

    Maroon and gold Fridays

    Concordia deals and discounts encourage school spirit The line at the Coffee Stop is long, even for 9 a.m. on a Friday. A cluster of Cobbers, many of them dressed […]

  • In defense of the Flat Earthers

    In defense of the Flat Earthers

    In order for society to function properly, certain assumptions must be made. Every morning, the sun will rise, and every evening, it will set. If you drop a bowling ball, […]

  • Maddie Malat

    New weight room hours prove inconvenient for non-athletes

    Tucked in a small room in the basement of Memorial Auditorium lies the place where obligations are forgotten. Where clanks of metal against metal ring over the blaring rap music. Where […]

  • Yes, sexual assault happens at Concordia

    Yes, sexual assault happens at Concordia

    “Does rape even happen at Concordia?” This question has come up in more than one conversation throughout my three years on campus. So many of us seem to be under the […]

  • Photo Illustration by Maddie Malat

    Game night to replace Harvest Ball

    Be assured, Cobbers can leave their dresses and neckties in their dorms on Friday of homecoming weekend. In place of Concordia’s longstanding, traditional Harvest Ball, Campus Entertainment Committee and Homecoming […]

  • The new board rack provides a convenient space for longboarders and skateboarders to store their boards instead of lugging them to class. Photo by Maddie Malat

    SGA hypes up longboard rack

    Students walk to hunched over with backpacks and dreams too big to shoulder. Bicyclists whisk by, then someone on a longboard. At Knutson, the cyclists lock up their bikes. The […]