Complacency is not an answer

Complacency is not an answer

For over a week now, we’ve known that the President-elect is none other than Donald J. Trump, and suddenly all of my previous articles seem so horribly petty. Some of […]


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  • Concordia reels in a big catch

    Concordia reels in a big catch

    Concordia Theatre’s annual fall musical, “Big Fish,” swims to the stage this Friday – and the fictitious fish is not all that promises to be larger-than-life. Based on Daniel Wallace’s […]

  • Drinking and driving devastates

    Drinking and driving devastates

    Every 53 minutes someone in the U.S. dies in an accident involving a drunk driver, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s 28 deaths each day and […]

  • Courtesy of Sports Information Office

    Women’s cross country season comes to an end

    The trees are changing colors meaning the ending of one season and the beginning of another. That is no different in the world of sports. The end is here for […]

  • Performances suffer in Memorial

    Performances suffer in Memorial

    Over one-third of Cobbers are involved in a music ensemble on campus. That means that over one- third of Cobbers aren’t getting the experience they deserve at Concor-dia College. If […]

  • ‘The Passion of Jesus Christ’

    ‘The Passion of Jesus Christ’

    In light of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Dr. Rene Clausen and Dr. Roy Hammerling collaborated to honor the passionate stories of this section of the Bible. According to […]

  • Courtesy of Sports Information Office

    Winter sports are coming

    The trees are bare, the air is brisk and daylight is fleeting. To quote Eddard Stark and Randy Marsh, “Winter is coming.” For Concordia’s wrestlers, swimmers, divers, ballers, and hockey […]

  • GDP not a sufficient measure

    GDP not a sufficient measure

    In the tumultuous time following World War II, the U.S. and 44 other Allied countries met in New Hampshire for the Bretton Woods Conference to reconstruct the economic makeup of […]

  • The innerworkings of PRISM

    The innerworkings of PRISM

    PRISM may be known as a yearly band concert, but some Cobbers may not know the planning put into it and the different aspects that make PRISM unique. With PRISM […]

  • Review: Vocal Jazz concert

    Review: Vocal Jazz concert

    On the evening of Nov. 6, I had the pleasure of attending the fall Vocal Jazz concert. Now, as a self-professed band kid, I’ll admit that one would be hard-pressed […]