Environmentalism is not a partisan issue

The state of environmentalism in the United States, as well as abroad, has reached a crucial crossroads. For decades the political left has promoted, influenced and instituted positive policy in regards to climate change and the safety and well-being of our environment.

The political polarization of issues regarding environmental policy did not happen immediately or overnight; in recent years, former President Nixon, a prominent Republican, signed into effect and operation two new federal agencies: the Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. Both of these agencies were tasked with helping to combat global temperature rise and the rampant pollution of our waterways and oceans. Before Nixon, President Theodore Roosevelt, another Republican, gave federal protection to lands across the country; Roosevelt created the National Parks System in the United States for the further preservation of all things wild.

Today, however, Democrats and those who lean left on the political spectrum tend to better represent the interests of the natural world and progression of further climate change policy. If polarization continues unaddressed throughout the next several presidential administrations, untold repercussions may be in store for the American people and the citizens of the world.

We all stand to benefit highly from environmental issues not being associated with one party or political philosophy, but nobody can provide an accurate picture as to how this depolarization might appear. Emphasis must be placed upon a unification of party values; the act of compromise will provide faith for the American people amongst such corruption and lack of agreement in government. These efforts may start at the grassroots and with any luck will capture the attention of interest groups and lobbyist organizations.

In order to capture the attention of those who associate with a more conservative political perspective, values that the Republican Party holds must be emphasized and respected by those who wish to promote further environmental health and safety. The Republican Party as a whole generally places private industry and the free market high on their list of priorities and values. This desire and appreciation for private industry needs to be recognized by the left. Legislative and regulatory initiatives giving preference to eco-friendly organizations and alternative energy companies must be strongly supported by the left, and naturally, by value system, will be supported by the right. This in theory will create a common interest among both Democrats and Republicans on issues of environmental health. If the government shows preference to companies producing and developing alternative energy, the free market’s interest will naturally shift towards these private means of business.

The preference for these markets will come from substantial tax benefits, or in other words, massive tax cuts. These tax advantages will attract innovation and catalyze a new American Industry. It is time that the United States of America steps up and once again and becomes a world leader in something great, positive, and productive. If the United States as a whole could get behind and support a complete revitalization of the environmentally friendly energy sector, our environmental impact would be significantly less, and we would act as an example to the rest of the world. Our country has the means of completing such a task; there is ample physical land to set up and develop wind farms and solar power plants, and geothermal access spans coast to coast.

Profit margins on alternative energy are slim; after taxes and other governmental fees, the money in companies’ pockets after the fact is virtually none, making alternative energy a less than preferable industry for investors, innovators, and businessmen alike. However, with preferential tax code being associated with such industries, I believe the future of alternative energy production will be secure and prosperous. Much like with the oil industry, innovations to make production more efficient and effective are being made daily. This pursuit is driven by the bottom line that is profitability. If such emphasis were placed upon this proposed new American industry, the country would see revitalization like never before.

This is something that the American populace can get behind, and at the end of the day, be proud of the forward movement we as a country have collectively made. In this scenario, both the right and the left have common interests and a depolarization event occurs, in which cooperation is at the core of every decision regarding new alternative energy measures. Our country is at a turning point, and in order to make the most forward progress, significant measures must be taken and done so as soon as possible in order to preserve and propel our great nation into a new age of prosperity.


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