The offseason landscape is still taking shape, the draft is just around the corner and players like Adrian Peterson and Tony Romo are still looking for new homes. However, the first wave of major transactions are in the books. Some teams have found gems and some have wasted loads ofContinue Reading

Creating an atmosphere of inclusion is hard when it comes to political ideologies on college campuses. Concordia College is characteristically liberal, like most other post-secondary institutions in the United States. When it comes to class discussions on potentially divided issues, usually only one side is rationalized as being the rightContinue Reading

Fairtytales with adult themes show not all stories have happy endings The opening of Concordia theater’s sixth main stage production of the year, “The Secret in the Wings,” is just around the corner. Similar to the other productions, audiences will get to experience impressive acting, set designs, props, lighting, andContinue Reading

The enchanting tale of “Beauty and the Beast” has created a surprisingly large amount of controversy for a children’s movie. Bill Condon, the director of the re-imagined, live-action version of the story of Belle (Emma Watson) and the Beast (Dan Stevens) has intentionally created the first openly gay character inContinue Reading

The basketball courts in Memorial Auditorium are normally filled with Cobbers spending their nights playing pickup basketball with friends to pass the time, but on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, an entirely different group plies their trade in another sport: ultimate frisbee. The Valhalla Ultimate club is Concordia’s ultimate frisbee club.Continue Reading

Throughout the first quarter of the season the Cobber baseball team posts a record of 7-6. Last week in a tournament in Minneapolis, the Cobbs had wins against Concordia St. Paul and the no. 5 nationally ranked Wisconsin-Whitewater teams. While it is early in the season and no conference gamesContinue Reading

Neuroscientist Dr. Miguel Nicolelis is scheduled to visit Concordia College April 24, through the second annual Nornes Student Lecture. Dr. Nicolelis is a prominent figure within the neuroscience world; his groundbreaking work and research with neuroprosthetics, along with his pioneering the construction of exoskeletons connected to the subject’s brain, makeContinue Reading