In two weeks, I will graduate from college. (I wrote that sentence not because it is particularly newsworthy or relevant to the remainder of this letter, but simply out of hope that the act of typing out its words would make them feel more real. It did not.) Earlier thisContinue Reading

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, Concordia College will stock free tampons and pads in bathrooms on campus. “I am happy to report that [Concordia] Facilities received our initiative with open arms and will be stocking menstrual products in academic bathrooms for us next year,” said Bailey Hovland, the spearheadContinue Reading

The political atmosphere was thick last week with multiple bipartian events occuring on Concordia’s campus. The first two, held on Tuesday, April 10, were somewhat at odds with each other. Former senator and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum spoke in the Centrum to a crowd of students, faculty, staff, andContinue Reading