Impeachment proceedings will do more harm than good

Perhaps like many of other citizens across the country, I was dumbfounded by the news that on September 25th, Congress would begin an inquiry into a potential treasonous action taken by the president. Allegedly, the president called the president of Ukraine to attempt to gain information about current Democratic primaries leader Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Going to a foreign power is certainly grounds for treason, especially if it affects the outcome of the election. But I fear that the process will have a damaging effect on the population of the United States. Therefore, I do not think that impeachment is what is necessary or good for the United States of America.

I do not condone in any way the actions taken by the president. They are wrong, and I would argue borderline treasonous actions. However, in my opinion, the risks that come with impeachment far outway the benefits. The impeachment process is never simple and almost always ugly. The impeachment process of presidents Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton are proof of the difficulty it takes to actually impeach a president. But one of the issues that surrounds impeachment is perception. Many countries already view the United States as the laughingstock of the civilized world. Shortly after President Trump was sworn into office, I had the chance to travel to Europe for a month. One of the common discussions I had with people from France, Spain, and England was about the current president. The answers I got were almost unanimous. Many people felt that the United States had made a fool of itself and elected the wrong man to office. People ridiculed the decision, and used it as a stepping stone to degrade the United States. going back on the decision the country made would most likely add to a growing stigma that American citizens do not know what they are doing. To elect an official, only to have to remove them from office later, seems foolish. Not to mention the large effect it had on the morality of the citizens. Certainly, there will be people celebrating the impeachment of the president. But this will most likely cause further divide in the community, and act as a wedge between the left and the right.

The other concern I have of the impeachment of the president is of whom gains power afterwards. I fear President Trump, but Vice President Pence terrifies me. The weakness of the current president, and the unwitting strength that it has in in policy, is his lack of understanding of the political system and policies. While I would not say the president is a dumb man by any means, it is wildly clear that he lacks the core understanding of the tenants of the government, and does not understand issues of domestic and foreign policy. A clear example of this is “the wall” that President Trump ran his campaign on. Logistically, this wall will not work. And yet it is clear that the president either refuses to admit this, or simply does not understand the economics and ramifications of the wall. Vice President Pence on the other hand understands politics very well. Pence has served as a lawmaker for many years, and has been an impacting force in politics. Well known as an opponent of the LBTQ community and pro-choice movements, Pence represents everything the left detests. And while I consider myself a conservative, Pence scares me with his virulent rhetoric on values that do not represent American ideals.  The impeachment of President Trump would post Pence into the highest office in the country, removing one threat and placing a larger one into play.

Impeachment is a long and arduous trial. And to impeach a president is not a feat worthy of praise, but a sad and solemn duty. It shows that the people did not elect a man who represents the Constitution, and must be removed for the health of the country. In the case of President Trump, I believe that the harms outweigh the benefits of impeachment. To place a man such as Pence into office fills me with dread. The best way to ensure the safety of the values the United States holds so dearly is to vote for a better president, one who will fulfill the role of commander in chief.


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