This fall, Concordia welcomed 597 new Cobbers, which is the largest freshman class since 2013. Concordia’s reputation for having prestigious academic programs, rich history, a strong sense of community and a beautiful campus are only a few of the reasons why nearly 600 freshmen hailing from far and wide decidedContinue Reading

As part of Concordia’s latest step toward sustainability, offices across campus are going green. The Green Office Program was implemented this fall under the guidance of Sustainability Coordinator Samantha Westrate. Funds for the program come from a private grant recently received by the college, part of which called for aContinue Reading

After a morning visit to the Louvre, several of us stopped for lunch at Restaurant Voltaire, which serves varieties of sandwiches on hard baguettes, along the river. We filled up on baguettes and cokes and discussed our next plan of action. The desired destination was the Eiffel Tower. The routeContinue Reading

Religion professor Adam Copeland was looking to expand a class he teaches beyond the boundaries of the typical classroom setting, so on the first snow day of the year, Thursday, Jan. 9, Copeland hoped to conduct Religion and Pop Culture through the social media platform, Twitter. Since the beginning ofContinue Reading

Cobber Poet’s Society takes place of Poetry Slam Club After attending a poetry open mic event on campus last spring, Megan Schindler, a sophomore at the time, contacted communications department professor Megan Orcholski and told her: “It’s time.” Schindler believed it was time students at Concordia had a safe place on campusContinue Reading

Four women stand in expensive evening gowns, two gripping long-stemmed roses; two waiting to be chosen. There is only one rose left, and somebody is going home. The Bachelor slowly picks up the flower, thinks and names his desired female. The chosen woman proudly walks forward to accept her roseContinue Reading