“Peace be with you!”  The words fill the air, yet a hesitant silence emerges. There is no response, at least not one that can be heard by campus ministers Rev. Dave and Kim Adams.  For the majority of this academic year, the campus ministry elected to host online chapel servicesContinue Reading

Dominic Erickson ‘22 has been named the editor-in-chief of The Concordian for the 2021-2022 school year. Erickson is a junior majoring in multimedia journalism and communication, with a minor in film studies. He currently serves as managing editor for The Concordian and is an editor of Afterwork, Concordia’s student-run literaryContinue Reading

When the pandemic struck, Concordia sought to inform students through a new series of summer courses looking specifically into life during a pandemic. Concordia is continuing this newfound tradition by exploring racism and anti-racism in a new set of special topic courses this summer.  Dean of the school of healthContinue Reading

For a century, The Concordian has delivered the news to the Concordia community. However, in the exact center of that 100 year history, The Concordian faced its biggest challenge to date: a suspension from the college’s president. On Dec. 4, 1970, The Concordian published an issue that resulted in theContinue Reading

Women have been a large part of Concordia’s history. From past presidents and staff to current students, Concordia’s women have been changemakers on campus. While women should be appreciated every month, Women’s History Month is time set aside to reflect on the women of Concordia’s history and recognize their accomplishments.Continue Reading

With housing selection underway, students are asking an annual question: what are the pros and cons to living on campus? From the traditional residence halls and the apartments, to the town houses and every community found within, Concordia campus offers differing experiences and places to live on campus. “Some ofContinue Reading