Outside the weather is cold, chilling to toes and noses alike, but in Olin on Wednesday nights, the studio is warm with excited energy. The show is about to start.  Chatter and rustling. Laughter and talking. A hand raises, fingers counting down. Five, four—noise ceases—three, two—shifting feet and clothing adjustments—one:Continue Reading

October 19 Happy Halloween Cobbers!  On this Halloween episode of Concordia On-Air Sam and Maddie tell us about the desperate need for photographers.  Emily tells us how the weather is going to be over our mid semester break. In Sports, Yaw and Hanna…Continue Reading

Sept 28, 2011 On this first show of On-Air Fall 2011, our brand new cast tells you all about the ongoings in and around campus.  Maddie and Sam tell us about the hikers that were just released in News. Emily tells us about the wonderful, sunny weather…Continue Reading

October 5 This week on Concordia On-Air Sam and Heather tell us how to get more information about studying abraod here at Concordia. In sports Yaw and Hannah tell us about the Cobbers on the road victory. And Logan and Fredrik in A & E are getting …Continue Reading