That red, white and blue star-spangled banner. A white flag with a big red circle. The red, white and blue Union Jack. Flags are often an instantly recognizable symbol of a country. The International Student Organization marched in Concordia College’s homecoming parade with a colorful display of flags and nationalContinue Reading

All three speakers at the opening plenary for the 35th annual symposium, “Making a living, Making a Life,” emphasized the importance of interpersonal relationships for work. Fully embracing the cliche that the people you meet make it worth it, speakers Kweilin Ellingrud, Brandon Busteed and John Mahn tell students theContinue Reading

Echoing chatter filled the orchestra practice room at Hvidsten Hall as professor and chair of music at Concordia College Nat Dickey weaved between the chairs and music stands, listening to his audience discuss their favorite art forms.  Despite the masks covering the audiences’ faces, their rigorous nodding, open body languageContinue Reading

It is the 100th homecoming of Concordia College. With the pandemic hurting last year’s traditional homecoming festivities, Cobbers around campus are buzzing with excitement with this year’s activities being as normal as they possibly can be. The Centrum was decorated with gold and maroon streamers and flowers to match. TheContinue Reading

A farmer walks into the Moorhead Tractor Supply Company. “Do y’all sell any horse dewormer?” he asks the cashier. The cashier sighs, having been asked too many times. “Yes sir, we do. Follow me,” she says. The cashier, Sandy Scheiden, leads the farmer to the locked case of horse dewormers.Continue Reading

School shootings have never stopped being an issue. Concordia College offers informative sessions to ask questions about the case of an active shooter scenario. This training addresses questions and concerns about the response to an active shooter incident. All students are asked to attend one of the four sessions beingContinue Reading

The pandemic caused college first year enrollment to plummet and senior students’ graduation to delay. Staying in college in an economic downturn and uncertain time might be a “no brainer” for some Cobbers and other students enrolled in college during the pandemic.  Kenneth David and Zachary Strickland, two current “super”Continue Reading