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‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a hate group

While scrolling through my news feed a few days ago, I saw a post about a far-right march in Poland. According to this post, roughly 60,000 people people marched as part of this fascist group, and their main purpose was that they wanted an “ethnically pure” country. As they marched, most people chanted the phrases “pure Poland, white Poland.” Most of the people who marched said they were doing it for Christianity. Well, first of all, Christianity has never been and will never be a white religion. Christianity started out in the Middle East, and no, Jesus was not a white man with blue eyes and long hair wearing a white robe. I am sure many people wrote off this event because it wasn’t at home–it was in Poland. But even in the US, groups like this have had protests.

At the end of October, there was a protest called “White Lives Matter,” and many community and religious leaders to came out and openly denounced this movement. Some people might wonder why this group is considered a hate group but groups like Black Lives Matter are not considered the same. Allow me to explain in case you are among that group of people. The Black Lives Matter movement was created to protest against the injustice and racism black people in America face on a daily basis, be it walking down the street, walking across a campus, or driving a car. There is an actual reason for these protests and this movement seeks justice for those oppressed by society, many of whom are killed and never get the justice they deserve.

White Lives Matter, on the other hand, has been linked to the alt-right group that led the infamous Charlottesville protests this past summer. These groups, whether in the US or Poland, all have one thing in common: they are all protesting against diversity in one form or another. They also tend to use religion to support this hateful act. As a Christian, I have yet to find how Christianity and white supremacy go hand-in-hand.

Another issue that comes with these kind of hateful protests is the indirect support they get from society. The police will be quick to pull the trigger at a black man because he is scared for his life, but will stand out in full armor to protect a group of white supremacists with no fear at all. Donald Trump would rather state that there are good white supremacists, saying,“There are good and bad people on both sides,” than admit how immigrants have helped the US grow and develop. Schools and curriculum would rather omit the ugly part of history because they are uncomfortable and ashamed to teach it. Cultures everywhere have their own share of ugly history and bad people. It is up to us to ensure that the ugly parts of history stay in the past and never repeat themselves again. It is our responsibility to ensure that the bad people are held responsible for their actions, especially when they have to do with hate.

The only good thing I have seen from these hateful protests are the counter protests they always get. For every group of alt-right protesters who show up, there are more people who show up with anti-hate messages, and I hope this continues to happen. The world is developing and diversity is a huge part of that change. If you do not want to be a part of this change because it makes you uncomfortable, then you might as well move back to the black and white age.


  1. Lars Lars November 19, 2017

    BLM is not only a hate group, it was built on lies, deceit, and violence. Michael Brown was a thug, and even though “Hands up, don’t shoot” was eerie mined by the Eric Holder Justice Department and the courts to be a lie, BLM continued to push that narrative through the destruction, violence, and killing they instituted against law enforcement and non- blacks.

    Marches in Poland have nothing to do with how hateful, ignorant, and violent black radicals, new Black Panther, and BLM members are. The “reason” for BLM to exist at all has been debunked, inconsistent, and ignorant.

    Like Alt-right, it has no place in this country. There is no institutional racism in this country, anymore. Individual cases of racism and individual amounts of racism certainly exist, but to generalize blacks as an “oppressed people” is ignorant and wrong.

  2. Paxton Price Paxton Price November 16, 2017

    Great article Ehi Agbashi. While Black Lives Matter has some flaws (especially with agitators) it is nothing the far right says it is. Political parties have flaws and agitators (especially Republicans and Democrats). The movement should try to focus on other issue in the black community like poverty and crime too. One of the things I like about it is that it supports all civil rights groups, it must continue to support people of color, rights for LGBT, and women. I hope it will become something more accepted and respected.

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