Gaming Law: Minecraft mania

Greetings gamers, fraggers, button smashers, and noobs. Today we are going to discuss Minecraft! Many of you have probably played this game, but today I want to talk about its merits in the gaming world, and why it is still a force to be reckoned with. 

Minecraft has been around since 2009. And in its 10 years of existence, it has remained a pinnacle within the gaming community. While there have been massive advancements in gaming since, with better graphics, game play, and mechanics, Minecraft still dominates the community. I believe this to be for several reasons. The first reason is the survival aspect of the game. Admittedly, one of the best features of Minecraft is the ability to play as a person surviving the wild. The need to gather materials, create items, build structures, and explore the environment has made the game what it is. And while there are other games, such as Subnautica, Terraria, and other survival games, none have come close to the influence that Minecraft continues to exert. And part of this is the ability to explore and endless world. One of my favorite parts of the game is running around and looking for all sorts of things, from diamonds to villages with the accursed villagers (I have never been a fan of villagers, I find them dreadfully annoying). And while games have some form of exploration, the amount of detail has severely been cut in favor of more mechanics and a better look. Minecraft proves that you do not need to have the top of the line look to remain a titan in the gaming industry.

The creative ability in minecraft remains second to none. One of the coolest features is the multiplayer servers. In these servers, people create things such as parkour, hunger games, survival, team fights, and many other different crazy ideas. The amount of detail that goes into making different maps and gamemodes is nothing less than breathtaking and brilliant. For anyone interested in what I am talking about, I highly recommend looking at the channels of Captain Sparklez and Antvenom, both who have made their name in the gaming industry as minecraft recorders and streamers. Both showcase some of the creative things that people have come up with, and do it in a wonderful way of commentating.

While the game has certainly become a meme of sorts, no one can deny the impact that Minecraft has had on gaming. It remains the first true survival experience that requires ingenuity to survive the various perils one may face. And the game is still being updated! One of my favorite newest additions is the Minecraft Realms. This is a server that is up 24/7, so it does not require any one person to host, and any person can be on at any time. I am currently in a realm with some friends, and it is one of the best gaming experiences I have had in a while. 

That’s it for today folks! So remember, don’t punch zombie pigmen, creepers are not your friends, keep a bucket of water on you at all times, always bring a bow in arrow into the nether! See you next week!

-The Law


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