Class of 2020: Megan Smith

Major: Psychology; Business

Minor: Human Development and Family Science (NDSU)

When I was 6 they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. With no hesitation, I said I wanted to be a lawyer. When I was 14 and starting high school, they asked again. I said I wanted to get my bachelors in psychology and go to law school. I wanted to be a child’s rights lawyer. When I was 18 and sat at Blessing the Journey Ahead, fresh from the hospital, brand new to Fargo-Moorhead, Pastor Elly asked again. I wanted to get my degree in Psychology and go to law school. Every year, every semester, every advisor meeting we asked the same question. My immediate plan changed slightly but my end goal remained. After watching my best friend graduate last year, I couldn’t help but imagine the day my dream would come true. For 15 years I have dreamed of May 3rd, 2020. For 15 years I have known exactly where I was going and what I was doing until this moment. For 15 years every day of my life has led to this one moment. This one moment we no longer get. Today, and every day since March 18th, I have felt angry. I have felt sad. I have felt unheard. I have felt like I failed my dreams. I am heartbroken. I am heartbroken I did not get my senior sorority formal. I am heartbroken I did not get my senior masterworks concert. I am heartbroken I did not get my senior cornstock. I am heartbroken I didn’t get to go back to Africa. And most of all, I am heartbroken that at 1:45pm on May 3rd I will not be lining up in ISC with all of my fellow graduates to celebrate the amazing things we have achieved in these four years. My heart aches for myself, for my friends, my family, and every single person who should be walking this May. We still get our degrees, but we deserved that moment. The moment on stage where it no longer is a hope or a dream. The moment we did it. The moment we shake hands with President Craft and we know we made it.


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