Letter to the Editor: Concordia Young Democratic Socialists of America

An open letter to the Concordia COVID-19 task force:

On August 28th, Concordia College had its first confirmed case of COVID-19. As of writing and in just 13 days, the total of cases has now reached 110. This is a clear indication that Concordia’s efforts are falling short of its goals. This calls for action. Concordia College Young Democratic Socialists of America is calling on the administration to provide a free, universal COVID-19 test to all students, faculty, and staff. Since approximately 40% of COVID-19 cases worldwide are asymptomatic, there are almost certainly a significant number of students right now who are unknowingly spreading the virus. If testing is only provided to those with symptoms, the spread from asymptomatic people will not end. We understand this will cost the college money, but it will cost the college far more if the campus has to be shut down again. Concordia College has a responsibility to its students, faculty, staff, and the community as a whole, to get this situation under control as soon as possible. By testing everyone in our campus community once, and quarantining them until results are available, Concordia would be able to identify and isolate asymptomatic cases. While Concordia cannot beat COVID-19 without a stronger commitment to social distancing practices by the student community, especially those residing off campus, the situation still requires direct action by campus leadership. In lieu of administrative action, it is clear the number of cases will continue to rise until we have no choice but to shut down campus. We hope our proposal to provide a campus-wide test will be supported by the students, faculty members, and staff of Concordia, and that the administration will recognize further action is necessary to save our fall semester.

Sincerely, Concordia YDSA

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