Album review: We Are Scientists is back with “Huffy”

The NYC post-punk revival, alt-rock group We Are Scientists just released their first album in three years. Hiding with age, this duo supplies a sound that I love and look for in other groups of the same genre. With a light, but grungy sound there’s no wonder their top track on Spotify has over 20 million streams.

This record didn’t sneak up on me, I was aware of the release about a month ago and dedicated myself to the first listen. That first listen turned into a second and third, which turned into a full day of streaming this record on repeat. I still am, currently, streaming this album. It genuinely creates a feeling of energy and excitement. 

This sound might not be new to the scene, but it’s a new sound for my recent listening cycle. The group holds such a powerful sound with just two members. They do have a usual studio band, but given the creation of the record was done by two members, it has a gigantic and full sound.  

The first half of this album feels so fluid and perfect. A massive win for the track order lovers, this album is calculated to move you forward, pushing the agenda of good tunes. This impeccable track placement has led me to love the first three tracks. “You’ve Lost Your S—” does a perfect job of starting the record by filling you with energy and anticipation. “Contact High” is a hard-hitting love song with delightful lyrics and instrumental pacing. “Handshake Agreement,” my favorite track off the album, is powerful in all categories. Strong instrumentals and catchy but unique instrumentals are what make rock albums stand out, this album stands out.

The grudge sound returns halfway through the record. “Fault Lines” feels heavier than other tracks, but still holds an incredibly catchy hook. This track talks about crossing fault lines in a relationship, ruining something good. I love the feel of this track. It reminds me of the first time I heard “Superposition” by Young the Giant, but the feeling stays true throughout multiple listens. 

This jam-packed album is full of feel-good indie and alt anthems. If I understand the musical demographic of Concordia as a school, I believe just about anyone could get into this record. I rear away from hard recommendations, but this album wants to fight, and I can’t help but tell everyone, listen to this album. I give it a solid 4.2 out of 5 Mikey Heads.

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