Album review: Earl Sweatshirt returns with “SICK!”

Earl Sweatshirt is, in my humble opinion, a hip-hop powerhouse. His last solo project was an EP released in 2019, so this full length album is a solid return. His return to the rap game also led to a world tour combined with Action Bronson and The Alchemist, both big names in the music world. After this album, there is no doubt that I will have to secure tickets to the trio’s concert. 

Just like Earl’s previous projects, this album is darker, more real, and very sample-heavy. Having a rather edgy start to his career with his work with Wolf Gang Kill Them All and the hit Adult Swim show “Loiter Squad,” Earl moving into a more concrete style and his verses having real connections to his life feels satisfying for me to see.  

I decided the best way to fully digest this record was to listen to it in my 2005 Honda Civic with standard speakers. This was a very good idea. The mixture of unique samples and heavy hitting beats, verse or not, each track holds water. Right off the bat “Visions (feat. Zelooperz)” instantly became a favorite. The cascading piano in the beat along with the steady “Ohhhahhh” vocal sample creates the perfect musical canvas for Earl and Zelooperz melodic verse structure.

Earl could be described as a “vibe artist”, someone who excels in their certain genre, but he isn’t necessarily an artist I would play at a party, or with a group of friends that don’t listen to him. The vibe he creates is not entirely depressing, but definitely lower energy, an almost magical form of nostalgia. This record is a hip-hop album, built around heavy beats and sample use.

Having Earl back feels like a good omen in 2022. I loved “SICK!” and plan to keep digesting as time goes on. Maybe WhoSampled, a website that sources samples, can update with this record and I can listen to some of those OG tracks he skillfully used here. I give Earl Sweatshirt’s new record a solid 4.1 out of 5 Mikey Heads.


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