Fire pit finished despite delays

Students can start the spring season warm with the reservable fire pit that is now open for use. The fire pit was supposed to be ready for students Oct. 2021, but due to supply chain delays, the opening was set back. 

Although the fire pit is now functioning, the benches that will be installed around the fire pit have not arrived yet because of, again, the global supply chain delays. Students can bring their own chairs in the meantime, but cannot rent out additional tables or technology while using the fire pit, according to an email sent to students on Mar. 9. 

The fire pit is available for use between 11 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. It can be reserved on the EMS web app and must be reserved by 5 p.m. at least two days in advance of the event. 

After reserving the fire pit, students will sign a liability waiver and will receive instructions on how to operate the fire pit through a remote control that is held at the campus information desk. 

Senior Luke Lindhorst started this project in 2020 through the Special Projects and Initiatives Fund overseen by the student government. After a year of planning and another of delayed construction, Lindhorst hopes “students can find a greater sense of community with the fire pit.” Lindhorst intends to use the fire pit several times himself before he graduates in May.

Director of Facilities Management Dallas Fossum has high hopes for the fire pit, especially due to its placement on campus. The fire pit is strategically located in the center of campus on the lawn to the south of Old Main, so it is not only accessible to most students, but it also remains close to the Knutson Campus Center.

The project was funded through the SGA Wix site with a total of $23,000 coming from students. Although the cost of materials went slightly over budget, other departments, including facilities and risk management, were able to aid in the costs.

Fossum said the fire pit “wouldn’t be any more dangerous than a gas grill at home,” but still encourages students to be cautious and mindful when using it.

Additionally, the Moorhead Fire Department consulted and approved the fire pit. Risk Management also installed a security camera to monitor safety when the pit is in use.


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