Album review: ‘The Unraveling of PUPTheBand’

PUP the band is back with a mega record. Two years ago, I reviewed their super entertaining EP “This Place Sucks A**,” and I finally got to get back to my roots with their full-length album. Before its full release, we got a taste with four solid singles setting the tone for their fourth album. All four singles are definitely high points for this colorful record.

Colorful is a positive term in this setting. PUP has shown their ability to make not only hard-hitting rock songs, but also slower, more emotional songs. This album starts and interludes with low-key tracks. The “Four Cords” tracks are actually some of my favorites off the album where the band finds themselves backed by a rather massive orchestration. 

Aside from those two tracks, this album is all about hard-hitting grungy rock tunes. “Totally Fine,” the second track on the record, is an all-around rock ‘n’ roll fiesta. Stefan Babcock’s vocals and Steve Sladkowski’s guitar work really spun me around the band’s metaphorical finger in this track. “Waiting” and “Matilda” also run you for your money in the rock aspect, the latter being a love tale about a borrowed guitar really sucks you in for a sad, but often true tale of love and loss.

“Habits,” the eighth track on the album, needs to be mentioned. This track starts with some of the gnarliest electronic polyrhythms I’ve heard from this Canadian group. The glitchy style doesn’t last long, but the second half of the track earns its keep on the album as a classic sad rock hit.

I have long been banned from using the word tasty, but I’ll risk it for PUP; this album is tasty. It’s got exactly what a long-time PUP fan could ask for and just enough relatability to be incredibly accessible to newer audiences. I would check this record out, and their last full-length album “Morbid Stuff” as they both find themselves on my favorite records of the year during their respective years.

I give “THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND” a 4.7 out of 5 Mikey Heads.

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