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Cobbers got talent, an opportunity for Cobbers to “a-maize” their peers 

MOORHEAD – The Homecoming Committee held their annual Cobbers Got Talent event on Thursday, Oct. 12. During this event students shared their various talents with their peers. Performances included singing, dancing and cup stacking. 

“(Cobbers Got Talent) gives an opportunity for people to perform. I know there are a lot of different opportunities to perform here, but especially as the first-years are coming in, Cobbers Got Talent shows them that this is the talent we have,” sophomore and member of the Cobbers Got Talent Committee, Ahna Novasio said.  

Student band Ghouls performing at Cobbers Got Talent.
Saige Mattson/The Concordian

Cobbers Got Talent is one of many events that students can attend during homecoming week.  

“We host it during Homecoming so that alumni can also see the talents as well as the first years. It’s a reminder that we go to a very musical school and there’s a lot of talents at Concordia,” sophomore and member of the Cobbers Got Talent Committee, Jacee Vang said. 

The event serves as a way for students to experience togetherness and socialize with their peers. 

“(Cobbers Got Talent) gives students a chance to enjoy the community aspect of college again. With midterms, everybody’s so focused on their academics. Homecoming week is a good reminder of ‘oh yeah, college is also made up of the social and musical aspects,’” Vang said. 

Student band Raining in Paradise (RIP) performing at Cobbers Got Talent.
Saige Mattson/The Concordian

Students who performed in the event largely enjoyed their experience. 

“It is a more chill way to put yourself out there and do what you want to do. Like for example, Spencer that did cup stacking,” sophomore Megan Gunnerson, said. “Beforehand, everyone seemed really excited about it. No one was crazy nervous. I think everyone was really excited to be there.” 

Putting together a large event such as Cobbers Got Talent takes a lot of preparation and organization, which is done by those in the Cobbers Got Talent Committee, a branch of the Homecoming Commitee. 

“We enjoyed homecoming last year as a whole. So, we wanted to be on the committee to be a part of that,” Vang said.  

Being a part of the Homecoming Committee can be very rewarding. 

“Seeing it all come together after we put all this work into it is such an amazing experience,” Novasio said. 

The event has been deemed a success based on student attendance, as well as a positive reception by the student body.  

“I initially went to the event just to see my friend perform but ended up loving the whole experience. I really enjoyed the variety of acts and the talent that everyone showed,” first-year Brooklyn Hannig said. “It was nice seeing how crowded it was, it made me happy that so many students care about their peers’ talents and want to support them.”  

Talents such as cup stacking were performed at Cobbers Got Talent.
Saige Mattson/The Concordian

The event held in Olson Forum was quite crowded, with approximately 200 students and staff in attendance. The crowd exceeded seating expectations, forcing some audience members to watch the event from the floor. 

“I really enjoyed seeing the audience. I felt bad for the people that had to sit on the floor, but I’m glad we had so many people and that they were willing to sit on the floor,” Vang said. 

Cobbers Got Talent will continue to be an anticipated event by both performers and students. 

“It’s a chance for students to get themselves out there and to have a chance to perform. It really is so much fun,” said Gunnerson. 

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