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Get up, Get out; biking trails in Fargo – Moorhead

Photo by Amanda Bertrand. Siri Manning, a cobber biking enthusiast, gave biking tips for the F-M area.

Siri Manning, a junior, knows all the hot spots in the Fargo-Moorhead area to give you whatever outdoor biking, rollerblading or running experience you need.

She’s a bit of an enthusiast; Manning participates in TRAM, The Ride Across Minnesota—a 250-mile, 5-day biking marathon through Minnesota that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis research and aid programs.  Manning is also currently training for the Fargo Marathon on May 18.

Let’s start off easy. For a casual, fun and attractive experience, Manning suggested starting at Lindenwood Park in Fargo.  It’s right across the river from Goosberry Park on 22nd Avenue in Moorhead.

Manning said that the trails in Lindenwood are well-kept, beautiful and more protected from the wind than in other areas. There’s a bridge across the Red River that connects Goosberry to Lindenwood, but Manning warns that it isn’t always down, so be prepared to go around.

For more fun and easy trails, Manning suggested Island Park, which is just past Veterans Memorial Bridge on Main Avenue. The trails there are smooth and beautiful, just like in Lindenwood, without the hassle of crossing I-94 when the bridge is down.

“Traffic in Moorhead and Fargo is really very accepting of bikes and runners,” Manning said. “It isn’t bad to go through town.”

For people looking for a more intense workout, Manning suggested heading north of Moorhead past Walmart. Manning said that it’s flat there, and not all that pretty of a location. It’s also windy almost all the time. However, according to Manning, it’s the perfect place to find a challenging course, which is important when you’re training for grueling events.

For those who are looking specifically for biking opportunities in the Fargo-Moorhead area, Manning suggested a trip to The Great Northern Bicycle Company on Broadway in Fargo. It’s a bike shop specializing in road bikes, according to its website,, that also leads free biking events and free weekly outings at a variety of levels and locations. Just make sure you stop in to see what events are coming up, because most rides are only held in warm months.



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