Worshipping Inclusiveness: a Christmas concert response

Dear Concordia, my alma mater, what has happened to your faithfulness? Are you worshipping inclusiveness and togetherness above all else? Where is that written? Your glorious Christmas Concert, “All Are Welcome,” sang praises to that agenda, loudly and clearly, as if those of us who want faithfulness to God’s word are unwelcoming.

Really?  Where is the intellectual honesty in that innuendo? Does anyone else see the idolatry of such emphasis on one-mindedness? We are not all of one mind! But, our Creator, who made us all unique, wants us all as one in Christ. How about singing praise, as we used to, to the Word made flesh and sent from God to all of us (read togetherness) sinners, that we may believe in Him and live in His way in repentance, forgiveness and love? To the true joy then of knowing that through Him we, and all who believe in Him, have eternal life? That is not “religious totalitarianism,” it’s what we are to proclaim as Christians and that message is for all nations. There’s your inclusivity. Proclaim that and keep your Christian principles. I know that is just intellectually too simple for the vanity of those who like to see themselves as “seekers”, but really, it isn’t all that complicated, though it is profound and true according to the Scriptures.

But if Concordia no longer stands for Soli Deo Gloria and students now are “blown here and there by every word of teaching…” (Eph.4:14) and are, “…taken captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ,” (Col.2:8 ) then in my humble opinion, you’re leading students astray, betraying the principles on which the school was founded and losing your way. I suggest you allow a club there for those who stand for Christ alone.

Call it the Soli Deo Gloria Club. Three generations of my family have graduated from Concordia. I regret to say there will not be a fourth.

This letter to the editor was submitted by Judy Gorman, a 1965 graduate of Concordia College.


  1. In response to “Alum”, I think you are incorrect in your assumption that Concordia is squashing discussion and debate. On the contrary, the institutuon’s commitment to critical thinking and engaging with others of differing opinion, including those with conservative values, is one of the college’s greatest attributes and is the basis of procuring thoughtful men and women, dedicated to a life that exemplifies Christian values like inclusivity. Concordia is firmly committed to challenging the views of its students in a variety of academic settings, allowing them to leave with a better understanding of what their values are, and why they hold those values. This is the basis of a liberal arts education, and its encouraging to see that Concordia continues to strive toward that goal.

  2. In response to your letter, I have to say that I respectfully disagree with how you are perceiving Concordia. The message “All Are Welcome” means just that. Any person, no matter their religious views or political stances or what have you. It is an important message to spread to the campus, community, and the rest of the world. What you view as losing important Christian principles should actually be seen as spreading Christian ideals that people should be accepted. The Concordia community is indeed different than when you were a student because things evolve and times change, but I have to say that I see it as a good thing that there are people on campus to promote inclusiveness and acceptance for all. Many students come from different backgrounds obviously. Whether they be from different religious beliefs, political parties, countries, states, etc.
    It is extremely important to stand by Concordia’s motto now of “Becoming Responsibly Engaged In the World”. But the only way to do that is to acknowledge that there are different views, beliefs, and backgrounds. And that is why I feel like being inclusive of any person and saying people are welcome is something to cherish and celebrate the differences our campus has, not denounce.

    And also, to let you know, there are multiple student organizations devoted to discussing Christ and trying to spread Christianity. I personally am not a part of them, but they are well known on campus.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Come on, Matt and Ryan. I know you guys. Show a little love.

    One thing I loved about the program this year was that people could take from it what they needed. It filled different holes in us in a way that only music can as it welcomed everyone without looking at what we brought to the table. That said, I think she probably came into it with a mindset of hypersensitivity to the “threats” from other views and took that away. I’m sad that there won’t be a fourth generation-er from her family, because I think her daughter/son could stand to learn through an eye-opening experience with people who think differently than him/her. I came to Concordia with my Biblical doctrine completely straight and from a Christian home. It was Concordia that challenged me to live what I said I believed (in sometimes painful ways) and encouraged me to see truths (Biblical truths, even) from people and religions all around me.

    1. I provided an apt response to a ludicrous accusation. One major annoyance I have is validating certain things just for the sake of looking at them from both sides. Yet some things have very clear right and wrong moral implications, not simply a difference of opinion. If informed by reason, and not simply passed-on ignorance, these differences become clear.

      1. Thank you, Matt. Some people here get it!

  4. Well, we are moving into a higher realm of thinking and spirituality where including people of diverse religions and cultures are welcome together. Many people are starting to realize that being together as humans is more important than being separated by theology.

  5. I thought the article was brilliant. Sad that in two comments the negative personal attacks would start. I guess I am not too surprised. It’s funny what happens when you come up against pluralism. Pluralism bites hard

    1. Nice to see there are some still some students with conservative values at Concordia. When I went there not even 5 years ago it wasn’t being overrun by political correctness and an almost blatant attempt to smoother a conservative voice. The college is quickly becoming a place where discussion and debate is no longer welcome…..and if you take a right leaning stance on anything you are labeled a crazy person. Concordia wont see dollar from me or many other Alumni until it shows evidence of upholding the college’s mission statement – “The purpose of Concordia College is to influence the affairs of the world by sending into society thoughtful and informed men and women dedicated to the Christian life.” This statement was curiously missing from the back of christmas concert brochure, replaced by something about the “greater good”. That was unfortunate.

  6. Hmmm…what an ignorant letter. Apparently Ms. Gorman doesn’t realize Concordia is blooming secularist haven full of atheists and pagans. Having said that, I do like the idea of a Soli Deo Gloria Club. But staying with Concordia tradition, it won’t be recognized unless “all are welcome.”

  7. Proof that a college degree doesn’t really do much!

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