Thank you: an open letter from the Secular Student Community

To put it quite simply, this is a thank you letter to the entire college from the Secular Student Community. Without the overwhelming support throughout these past few months, we wouldn’t be where we are now. As a group, we are so grateful for the opportunity to be an organization on campus.

When we first set out to get the Secular Student Community approved, we did so with the hope that we would be able to remove some of the negative stigma around identifying as a secular and offer a place where anyone could have positive, open dialogue regarding secular identities. Since then we have expanded our goals beyond that. We hope that this group becomes a community that welcomes all students and can offer them a safe place for dialogue they would otherwise be unable to find. Most of all, we aim to fit our group to meet the needs of its members and in turn, act as a resource for them

We look forward to meeting the goals of both of members and the college. The Secular Student Community is excited to have the opportunity to work alongside other organizations through volunteer work both on and off campus in the following years to help construct a stronger campus community built on mutual respect and honest dialogue dedicated to the common good.

If we hadn’t had your support from the beginning, none of what we hope to achieve would be possible. Last semester, this was only something we could dream of. Now that the Secular Student Community is a reality, we hope that we are able to achieve the group’s full potential and pay back our gratitude to the college, and everyone who is a part of it.
From the Secular Student Community, we thank you Concordia.

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