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Fargo Public Library

There’s nothing like a good library, but not all libraries are created equal. And as lovely as the Carl B. is, sometimes you need a change of scenery. Might I suggest a visit across the river, to the Fargo Public Library?

The Fargo Public Library is not to be confused with the Gothic revival-style L.D. Fargo Public Library in Lake Mills, WI. Our close-to-home literary repository is very much in the 21st century. A mosaic of glass and steel, the Main Library is located right in the heart of Fargo, with two satellite libraries elsewhere in the city. It’s a short walk from downtown Broadway or the Matbus GTC, and impossible to miss with its large windows and classy façade.

You may ask, why leave the comfort of my campus library? Indeed, the Fargo library has many of the same amenities as our Carl B: individual study rooms, DVDs, quiet nooks, foreign literature, and of course, books galore. But there are a few unique opportunities that the Fargo public library can offer. A cafe on the ground floor adds a culinary and caffeinated dimension to your study/research session. An art gallery currently showcases a selection of old paintings from early explorers and pioneers in America. Fun events abound, including author visits, film series, and chess club.

Perhaps the greatest thing that the Fargo Public Library has to offer is variety. Getting out of your usual sphere and finding a change of scenery is fantastic for mental elasticity and creativity. Here you encounter not only a new, modern, enlightening ambiance, but also a far more diverse clientele. At Fargo Public Library, as with many public libraries, one mingles with people from all walks of life. This can cause problems from time to time. When people with no where else to go take refuge in the library, they take advantage of the delightful sanctuary that it is, to the occasional detriment of other library-goers. For that reason, there are security officers who ensure that the library’s amenities are not abused- namely, they make sure no one falls asleep.

If you’re looking for a new way to get your creative juices flowing, look no further. Come to the Fargo Public Library and stay awhile. Just don’t fall asleep.


  1. Gerard Saylor Gerard Saylor April 9, 2014

    Our close-to-home literary repository is very much in the 21st century.

    Hey! Watch it.

    • Anna Dovre Anna Dovre Post author | April 16, 2014

      My apologies, I meant that in a purely architectural context.

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