Fjelstad scare

The distinct smell of something burning permeated Fjelstad Hall Sunday night. Students ran around the dorm and into the kitchens to try to find the source of the smell, but it seemed to be coming from everywhere.

“At first I thought somebody burned something while cooking, but then the smell was way too strong,” said Heather Zinda, a Fjelstad resident.

According to David Elhert, chief engineer in the heating and cooling plant, the source of the smell was an electric motor failure in the air handler that provides air for the bathroom exhaust.

Krysten Edwards, the hall director for Fjelstad Hall, said that several vents had to be turned off to help with the smell. In the mean time, Resident Assistants recommended that students stay out of the building until the smell dissipated. Edwards said there was never any danger to the students, though.

“It made me cough a little, but I wasn’t worried about my safety,” said Zinda, despite the recommendations made by her RA.

Elhert reported on Tuesday that a new motor has been installed and is working fine. And so, after a bit of excitement, Fjelstad has returned to its old familiar smell once again.

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