Most students don’t have the energy to run a marathon. Still, Concordia is now following a schedule that demands students academically get used to the trek. The new schedule excludes a mid-semester break (substituted by a mid-week respite day) and instead extended Thanksgiving and Easter break. It was created inContinue Reading

Canceled. The end of spring semester. The Belltower Bash. The Johnny Holmes dance. The list goes on and on with what has been canceled because of coronavirus. It is no secret that community building is hard with the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but communityContinue Reading

Summertime sadness doesn’t have to turn into wintertime depression. Concordia College’s Counseling Center is an on-campus resource for mental health awareness and services.  Carrie Nostrant is a mental health counselor said the center “aims to support and facilitate students’ personal and academic success and development by identifying the needs ofContinue Reading