Why BREWing means more than just studying abroad As individuals we can make a difference. Our daily decisions and actions mold our thinking and responses to situations and scenarios. Passions and interests drive us to become actively engaged, while our classes and involvement help us strive to influence the affairsContinue Reading

“Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World,” otherwise known as BREWing, is a superlative goal at Concordia, but I have recently noticed an opportunity for the college to put more meaning into the phrase. Rather than it just being something students poke fun at during campus events, it should be aContinue Reading

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Long before the new Offutt School of Business building was conceptualized, a different business-related idea was a-brewing at Concordia. According to Greg Cant, dean of OSB, the concept of a student-run business at Concordia was first suggested about four years ago by Scheels CEO Steve D. Scheel during a meetingContinue Reading

April 18 and 19 was a great success for many students, especially due to the diverse presentations at this year’s Celebration of Student Scholarship. Just like other students, we have been looking forward to showcasing our work since we started creating it a few months ago. For our main ceramicsContinue Reading

Earlier this month, I received an email from a student that expressed strong resentment toward a Blundergrads comic published in the Nov. 16 edition of The Concordian. That comic featured a man in his bed scratching a notch in his bedpost with a knife. The woman next to him comments,Continue Reading

Next week’s election has been a long time coming, that’s for sure. For more than a year we’ve watched politicians parade past the grandstand of the American voting public. We’ve watched as potential Republican candidates were whittled down to Mitt Romney, as one by one Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, NewtContinue Reading

In times of change, members of the Concordia community–from students to the Board of Regents–stick together in support of the college. This has been true in the past, as when former President Pamela Jolicoeur passed away, and remains true today, like when the recent “sin-is-sin” T-shirt debate canvassed campus. IncreasingContinue Reading

Two years ago, I submitted a piece for this publication discussing apathy among students at Concordia.  At that time I felt that students at our school were uninvolved, uninterested, and lacked a real commitment in becoming responsibly engaged. Now, as a senior, I have been exposed to a new perspective,Continue Reading

In late 2008, I caught the travel bug. I didn’t really care about international travel until then. I was with my high school in northern Italy at a conference called World School, with students from 26 different countries gathered around the theme of food, water and safety. During my twoContinue Reading