The Norwegians are breaking tradition. For 23 years, Concordia College has been one of only five colleges in the United States connected to the Noble Peace Prize Forum out of Oslo, Norway.  Along with St. Olaf, Augustana, Augsburg and Luther, Concordia has rotated as host of the Forum, and studentsContinue Reading

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to see the snow for the first time in your life? It is beyond doubt that the Minnesota winter generates mixed feelings amongst many students. For some students who, like me, come from warm places, Minnesota winter is indeed part of ourContinue Reading

We all have our vices. For some it’s video games, others it’s a controlled substance, and if you’re like me, you can’t get through the morning without a can of Diet Coke. Nobody’s perfect. While I can safely say that I have several bad habits, probably one of my biggestContinue Reading

Kroll’s Diner of Fargo, popular with college students because of “Shakey Mondays,” their two-for-one milkshake deal on Monday nights, has recently chosen two new “Kroll’s Ladies” for their advertising campaign. The Kroll’s Ladies have been the face of Kroll’s Diner for over 10 years, appearing in television commercials and onContinue Reading

The Super Bowl. It is one of biggest American sporting events of the year. It comes complete with middle-aged men lathered with body paint in the colors of their team of choice, more deep-fried and fatty foods than a Southern potluck, mind-numbingly entertaining commercials and those foam hands that sayContinue Reading

The phenomenon of students complaining about their schoolwork is probably older than the phenomenon of schools. It is practically a part of our genetic makeup. Luckily, the long arc of time has allowed most of humanity to come to recognize the benefits of schoolwork— difficult schoolwork especially. It pushes usContinue Reading

By day, professors Russ Peterson and Nat Dickey roam the corridors of Hvidsten Hall. They teach classes, help students in private lessons and conduct ensembles. By night, however, they play to a different tune as they take the stage with their band, Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome. “We love to play,”Continue Reading

This is the concluding part in a series on drugs and behavior by Sammy Trick, Andrea Rognlien, Karina Johnson, Karlee McCoy, students at Concordia College for Psychology 324. For the first part of this series, click here. Last issue, we submitted a letter to the editor of The Concordian with someContinue Reading

The Concordia Women’s Basketball team is in the middle of the playoff hunt.  The Cobbers (12-7 overall, 10-6 conference play) sit firmly entrenched in the top six, not an easy accomplishment having lost six graduating seniors from last year’s team. Those seniors included three of their top four scorers—48 percentContinue Reading

The dim lights paint the audience in shades of grey as the young brunette’s saxophone reflects golden light. The drums, trumpets, trombone and nine other jazz instruments fill the room with loud, saucy music that floats around a pre-determined chord progression, a progression the high school senior has never practicedContinue Reading