Warmth or style? As the temperature continues to fall in the Fargo-Moorhead area, can being fashionable and keeping warm coexist? Senior Charles Rerick thinks that style and cold weather can coexist if people are willing to put in the time to look sharp. However, the chilly weather permits him toContinue Reading

On November 20 and 21, the COBBikes will be stored away for the winter. Rest assured, they will return in the spring. The bikes will be stored in the restrooms in Jake Christiansen Stadium with other students’ bikes will be stored during the winter. Dr. Kenneth W. Foster, political scienceContinue Reading

One thing that many college students struggle with is maintaining a healthy diet and finding ways to stay active during the colder seasons. While it can prove to be difficult, it is definitely do-able. One of the most manageable ways to staying healthy in winter is having a positive mindset.Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to see the snow for the first time in your life? It is beyond doubt that the Minnesota winter generates mixed feelings amongst many students. For some students who, like me, come from warm places, Minnesota winter is indeed part of ourContinue Reading

Their thermostat reads 64 degrees. As outside temperatures drop, and the dead cold days of winter quickly approach, Concordia students Jen Buchanan and Lauren Tjaden set the thermostat in their off-campus house very low in order to save money on their heating bill. “Our house is very old, so theContinue Reading

Cobbers, Cobbers, Cobbers: I have to say that we up in da nort’ here sure know what weather is. We have been voted some of the worst weather in the country and we mean it. Sub-zero temps and snow everywhere. Winter is rough with wind shooting tiny ice particles inContinue Reading