MOORHEAD – The Student Government Association (SGA) Senate meeting on Thursday, Nov. 2, centered around the ongoing Israel/Palestine conflict and what actions SGA should take in the future to respond to world events that impact Concordia students.  During the previous SGA meeting, a subcommittee was created with the idea thatContinue Reading

FARGO – Little Lizard, Vanity Plate, Parliament Lite and Concordia’s very own Ghouls held a concert at the Aquarium on Saturday, Nov. 4  The Aquarium, a small music venue in downtown Fargo, is described as “Fargo-Moorhead’s premiere live music venue” on their website. They are located in Dempsy’s Public HouseContinue Reading

MOORHEAD –  The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission (DEIC)  sponsored a “Peace-Walk for Palestine” on Tuesday, Oct. 17   When the Israeli–Palestinian war broke out, DEIC heard concerns from students about how no one on campus was talking about it, said DEIC Belonging Commissioner Siam Shimul.   Shimul along withContinue Reading

MOORHEAD – The Homecoming Committee held their annual Cobbers Got Talent event on Thursday, Oct. 12. During this event students shared their various talents with their peers. Performances included singing, dancing and cup stacking.  “(Cobbers Got Talent) gives an opportunity for people to perform. I know there are a lotContinue Reading